With the best outdoor talent,

sharing their knowledge and best tricks.

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With the best outdoor talent, sharing their  knowledge and best tricks.

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Principles of trail running

Kilian Jornet

Get to know Kilian Jornet like you’ve never known him before. The seven times world champion will transfix you with his memories and experiences of the most legendary races on the planet. He will offer top advice on how to build your sporting career and your goals. In this season of Outdoor Mentors, you’ll discover how you can take your trail running training to the next level.

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Pregnancy, a 9 months training

Emelie Forsberg

Join Emelie Forsberg on the most amazing adventure of her life. The professional sportswoman shares her experiences and gives advice on how to practise sport during pregnancy, inspiring future mums to stay active. In this season of Outdoor Mentors you will find out that sport during your pregnancy is highly recommended and brings a wealth of benefits to both mother and baby.

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Build your outdoor path and have fun.

In each episode, you will get inspired by our mentor's experiences, learn their tips and discover more about their sport so you will be able to build your outdoor path 

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